Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thank A Honeybee

We took a nice walk to my parents' house this morning. Logan slept on my back in the Ergo the whole way there, through our whole visit and finally woke up just as we walked in the door at home.  Big bro was SO excited to see that he was awake and helped take off Logan's jacket once we were in and settled. 

Like a real life doll baby.
This afternoon brought some more rain so Ayden did a Pinterest inspired raindrop letter matching activity when he woke up from his nap. 

He got about half of them covered and then decided to take them all off again...
It was a good effort ;)

It's supposed to be rainy and chilly again tomorrow. Womp womp. I'd like to just stay home but Polly is out of food so we will probably venture out to the pet store in the morning and then, of course, dance in the afternoon. 


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