Monday, March 2, 2015

Logan's 6 Month Well Check

Today's weather was a beautifully sunny 36*!  It brought up my mood along with play group!

I usually only schedule either a morning or an afternoon outing but today we packed our day with both.  After the boys had their naps (now that Logan has gotten through his stormy period they are napping at the same time in the afternoons again!!), we headed to Logan's 6 month well check.  SIX month checkup??  What?!?!?!?! How has it been almost half of a year since this amazing little boy joined our family?

2' 1.59"
13lb 15oz


He thought that crinkly paper was the BEST thing ever.
He loved it so much we almost asked if we could bring it home.  Haha!

We had three more chicks hatch today but two aren't doing very well.  We set up a little sick ward for this evening and are hoping they will make it through the night.  Poor little babies.  This kind of thing is the hardest part of what we are trying to do as we move in the home steading/self reliant direction.  Things don't always always work out perfectly but we are learning and growing and will get better and better as time goes on. The 3rd little one to hatch is doing great and will get to move into the brooder with the other 4 in the morning.  Those fuzzy 4 are so hilarious and have been such a joy to have so far.


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