Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oh My Cuteness

We spent a lot of time with our chicks today!

Ayden got up his courage and started holding them on his own.  

This little baby fell asleep in his hands.  He got overwhelmed by the sweetness and cuteness.  He couldn't stop smiling and asked, "Where can I kiss it??" and gave it a smooch on its fuzzy little head.  It was similar to when a parent is so overwhelmed with the cuteness of their child that they just want to nibble their neck or a chunky thigh I suppose. 

Logan was finally awake for a chick visitation and he really liked them.  He was reaching his little hands in and feeling their soft feathers.  He was mesmerized!  Doing this and sharing it with our boys feels so good.  I would have LOVED it if this sort of thing was part of my childhood!  

When we called it a night we had one more little baby on the way.

 I am definitely not complaining but I'm so surprised that this original clutch of eggs is still hatching.  They were supposed to hatch on day 21 and we are going on day 26...  We have another clutch that we added a few days after the original one so we are waiting to see some pips on those now!


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