Thursday, March 19, 2015

This And That: Half My Life

Our lap top has been acting up a little bit so we had an appointment at the Apple Store today. That meant going to the mall which is not my most favorite thing to do these days...  It was a little rainy, though, so it worked out for the best sice Ayden got to get some crazies out in the play area while I nursed Logan. Usually for places like the mall, I wear Logan and push Ayden in the stroller. When I am by myself with both kids and have a mission I really prefer for Ayden to be safely strapped in so I don't have to worry about keeping track of him. Logan fell asleep on the way there, and didn't have that great of a morning nap before we left, so as to not disturb his slumber, I utilized our stroller accessories:

car seat adaptor and glider board for the win!

Ayden does an *okay* job with the glider board though he thinks pushing the break while we are moving is hilarious... I had brought the Ergo in with us just in case I needed it when Logan woke up so when Ayden pushed that break one more time after my last warning I strapped him onto my back.

A consequence he actually liked a lot.
We got everything we needed and I stuck to my list. I am successfully maintaining the "we don't need anymore JUNK in our house" mentality and my impulses to make unnecessary/unplanned purchases are still at bay (go me!).  It ended up being a long morning and I was very happy to head home.  We don't have any plans tomorrow so other than possibly going to the grocery to pick up a shoe we dropped in the parking lot from the lost and found we will be staying HOME.

Our chicks are growing FAST!!

When the weather warms back up we'll be giving them some playtime outside in a pen.  I also picked up some chick grit so we can start feeding them treats.  First on the agenda will be some meal worms from the pet store. I think Ayden will really enjoy giving them treats.

In bee news I opened up the hives last weekend.

Out of the 4 we had at the end of the season, two survived.  Considering we did not even make it to Winter last season I call 50% survival a great success though the sight of all the dead bees was still pretty sad.

I tried my hand at making yogurt from our raw milk in the dehydrator.  It turned out okay but the consistency wasn't quite right.  After reading a very helpful blog post I learned that when making raw yogurt you need a little bit more starter and it needs to be incubated at the lower end of the temperature range (110* is ideal).  If at first you don't succeed...

Mr. Logan tried meat for the first time tonight and LOVED it!

Pork chop, sweet potatoes and green beans tonight.
I love how Baby Led Weaning allows him to be involved in family meals by eating what we are eating while we are eating it. He is LOVING being included and is a natural!

Lastly, David and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary as a couple. I have officially been with him for half my life. He is an attentive and caring husband, a reliable friend, a very handy handyman (he's building us a HOUSE) and a wonderful father to my children. Time is flying in this life that I have with him so it is safe to say we are having a lot fun during these great adventures we are having together!  

There... I think that gets everyone up to speed. ;)


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  1. Meat, wow. You have no picky eaters. Lucky you! May have some stinky diapers though.

    1. They do both love food! He just sucked on it but loved it. There has been a change in diapers but no stink yet.

  2. Thanks for sharing the up glider, I had never even heard of one of these, my son will hopefully like this as we have a new baby on the way and don't want to buy a bigger stroller

    1. No problem! It isn't quite the same as strapping him in but it was nice to not have to get rid of our City Mini which we LOVE. Between the glider board and the Ergo we have a lot of 2 child configurations to choose from without needing a bulky double stroller. It's been working really well for us!