Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mama Lucked Out! {Logan's 1st St. Paddy's}

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

What a LUCKY mama I am!!
Usually I would take the holiday as an opportunity to bust out some fun activities from my teaching days but this year I wasn't feeling it. We wore green and went to storytime where they were were doing a rainbow/St. Paddy's Day theme and that was about the extent of our celebration.  And you know what?  It was enough!

It is fun to provide special activities for our children but until they are older they don't know when it's not there. If you have the time and energy to do something spectacular for every holiday, big or small, then your kids will love it!  If you don't, honestly it probably will not be missed. All our kids need on ANY day is our love, attention and the opportunity to experience an enriched environment. They are sponges and learn everything they need to through our daily tasks and routines as long as we talk to them, read to them and involve them as much as we can along the way. 

1st time with sweet potato on a "loaded spoon" and he did great!
(We load the spoon and set it on his tray.  He explores it and feeds himself.)
And TMI but his poop is already changing...
It seems as though this child was born to EAT.
Don't get me wrong... I'm not going to stop providing some extra fun activities for my boys but right now I have a few goals and household projects that I am focusing on so St. Patrick's day was on the back burner this year. Maybe next year we will have a green breakfast, stamp shamrocks with bell peppers and paint, have a Leprauchan come and mess the place up looking for our "gold coin" chocolates, and any other awesomely fun activities that can be found on Pinterest. Or maybe not...  We are just going to take things one year at a time and always just go with the flow!

Did you plan something exciting for your St. Paddy's celebration or was it just another normal day?


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  1. Totally normal day. I must be the most boring mama alive cuz we sit around and watch cartoons tv about 90 percent of day.

  2. I went all out for V-Day and then totally missed st. Paddy's. I agree though that nothing was missed as they only know what they are shown at this point. I do like to put a fun twist on learning time or just our day activities because I feel like looking forward to special occasions is helping my oldest with the concept of time/calendars.