Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Ayden's T-shirt from last year still fits.  WIN!!
He kind of swam in it then but now it is perfect.

This was the first year where I actually put forth a little effort to do some fun St. Patrick's day themed stuff.

I plan on taking holidays year by year as far as how much fun we have with them.  Obviously there is always a few set things that we will always do as tradition but anything above and beyond that will just be added bonus.  I know that kids have fun with themed crafts and activities but I don't think mothers should spread themselves too thin trying to achieve the most magical day ever.  I'm sure most kids would enjoy a normal old day with a chill mom than an over the top holiday with a frazzled mom!  This year was one of those where I had the materials on hand already and the energy to pull them out so we did a few little things.  He did shamrock sponge painting and then we each made a collage.  He also went searching for gold coins in his St. Patrick's Day sensory tub.  The shaving cream fun had nothing to do with the holiday but I tossed it in because it was by far his favorite activity of the day.  He would tell me different words to spell, I'd write them with my finger and then he'd giggle like a maniac while he swiped over and erased them.  

All of those activities really filled his tank nicely because when we were done and all cleaned up he played by himself for a good amount of time while I got some cleaning done.  It is so hard to remember that sometimes.  Fill up those tanks first with undivided attention and then you'll get some free time to give some other things your undivided attention.  It's win win!

I dressed both of my babies up in green today!
The bump is finally growing.
Crazy to think that next year I'll be writing about what fun a 3 year old can have on St. Patrick's Day along with adding some cute pictures of our 7 month old on his/her first St. Patrick's Day...  We have so much coming our way that it is kind of mind blowing to try and even picture what life will be like this time next year!  

Do you plan lots fun meals and activities for your kids on holidays or do you take the less is more approach?  I had a teacher friend who said, "if it takes longer for you to prepare the activity than it does for the child to do it, it's not the right kind of activity."  I try to keep that in mind a lot when planning fun for Ayden. 

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  1. Love the different activities you do with your son !