Thursday, March 6, 2014

This and That: Missing Chicks and Baby Kicks

I did not take any pictures today.  Some days this disappoints me and others it doesn't bother me at all.  My reason today is that I was truly engaged with Ayden, my home and my tasks at hand and I really did not pick up my phone much at all.  That is a good day in my opinion!

We have a few little items that have happened around here that I never wrote about for one reason or another so I thought I'd lump them into one update today.

1) We have lost two more chickens and are now down to 11.  And when I say lost I mean they are nowhere to be found.  Gone without a trace.  Most definitely predator and from the lack of evidence, it is probably a hawk or some other bird of prey.  We also smelled a skunk yesterday.  We are so excited for signs of Spring but along with lifted spirits, the warmer weather will bring out more predators.  Gotta give a little to take a little.  The universe is always working to maintain a balance!

2) Ayden has been responding really well to warnings.  For example, if we give him some raisins without saying, "This is it.  All done after this" then he eats them all,  requests more and we say no, he has a toddler meltdown.  If we fill his bowl and we do give him the warning, usually he'll just give us the bowl when he's done and move on.  If he does try to ask for more, just in case we may have changed our minds, he is completely fine with us saying, "Oh remember? That was it.  All done with raisins."  Just that tiny bit of forethought and effort shields us from SO many battles.  Totally a permanent page in our toddler rearing handbook these days!

3) I am feeling Baby move!  I think I've been feeling it for a while but this passed week there had been no doubt about it.  It is even up to a few times a day.  This is by far my favorite part of pregnancy and I am so excited to be experiencing it so much earlier this time around.  I am putting forth a lot of effort to not wish any time away for a lot of reasons but it is so hard when we have so many exciting things ahead.

4) Our bees arrive on April 14th!  We have some work to do to get our hives ready and since David is working on the house I am going to try to take care of it.  The bees are more my thing anyway and who says you need a man for that sort of thing??  Haha.  I am planning on stopping by our local bee supplier after Bee School on Saturday to pick up the supplies we need.

5) Now that we've been members of the Y for a few months, we are already thinking of canceling our membership.  The reality is that we are just not using it as much as we thought we would.  We signed up the day before we found out we were pregnant and while I can (and should) stay active during my pregnancy, I definitely had a different level of intensity in mind when we made the decision to join.  We were looking at our budget and we are spending way more on gas than we used to, we have a birth to save up for and we will be building a house this Spring.  I have also been looking ahead to when Baby comes and there would be a LONG break between the birth and when I will be ready to exercise in a gym again.  Since we practice attachment parenting, we just won't be comfortable leaving Baby in child care early on. We are constantly examining our priorities and the day we got that positive pregnancy test, things shifted around for sure.  We are a bit torn about the decision because Ayden LOVES the pool and even loves going to the child care center while I go to classes; but the reality is that those things are not worth the money we could be saving without the membership.  Wah-wah.  The good news is that here in a few weeks or so it will be warm enough for us to start exercising outside (YAY for afternoons at the park!) and before we know it my parents will be opening their pool.  We are usually people who commit to decisions but if something isn't working for you you've got to make a change.  Luckily this is one doodle that can be undid.  (Name that movie!  It's one of my faves.)

I think that sums up the little details that have fallen through the cracks lately.

Have you even signed up for something only to change your mind a few months later?


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**The fact that I talked about the gym in this post and then the passed two years were also about exercise is hilarious to me.  Craziness.**

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  1. I find that warnings work well with my son too. Normally when a melt down does occur it is because I forgot to give a warning!

    I'm totally ready for pool season. While I wish we could afford to purchase one this year, I guess using the public pool will have to do!

  2. Could you just get Ayden a program membership? Then he could still go to classes (and swim lessons to use the pool). We did that for our little guy when we signed him up for swim lessons... it's a lot cheaper. Only drawback is you cant use the Y, only go with your child to his/her classes.

    1. Hmm. That's and idea! I will look into it when I go in to cancel our membership. Thanks!