Thursday, March 27, 2014

Picasso In the House!

Ayden had a vaccine appointment today.  He is getting all of the recommended vaccines but on a staggered schedule so he only gets 1 shot at a time.  Today he got his last of the MMR series.  We have a 30 minute drive to his doctor's office so he fell asleep on the way.

Soaking it in!
Luckily he was in a pretty good mood when he woke up.  We also talk to him a lot about things like doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, gym childcare, etc. before it happens so that he's not blindsided.  I told him we were going to the doctor and that he was going to get a shot in his leg.  I even told him that it would hurt a little bit but that it would be over fast and that I'd hold him the whole time.  He did really well with the shot.  The nurse told me that the MMR burns the most on the way in out of all of the vaccines.  When Ayden felt the burn he just turned his face into my chest and started crying quietly.  It took a few seconds for him to regain his composure but he did it.  He really took it like a champ.  I know there are parents who feel like it is best to sneak things in or catch kids off guard but I truly feel like full disclosure is the most respectful way to go.  It is what I would want for myself so it seems like the right thing to do for our kids too.  Since this appointment was for a vaccine only, we were not seeing Ayden's doctor and they were not going to weigh him but I asked the nurse if we could weigh him anyway.  At his 2 year appointment Ayden had grown an inch but lost a pound since his last visit (he was 20 lbs).  His doctor wasn't worried because Ayden has always been small and has always met his milestones by the time he was supposed to but as his mom, I just wanted to make sure he keeps making progress, however small.  Just since his appointment in early February, he has gained 3lbs!  The nurse said that he must have had the growth spurt right before his 2 year appointment because they always beef up a bit, then grow and lean out, then beef up and so on and so forth.  So at 2 years and 2 months old Ayden is a whopping 23lbs! 

After Ayden's appointment I ran a couple of errands so I won't have to leave the house tomorrow.  I am looking forward to a stay home day!  On the way home I stopped by our building site where they were just finishing up pouring our basement footers.  

Since Ayden napped so early and for such a short time, I put him down for one when we got home.  He tried to talk me out of it but ended up sleeping for an hour and I even snoozed a bit myself.  When he woke up we played in his playroom for a while which is currently his favorite thing to do.  I can't wait for it to get warm so that being outside is his favorite!!

Right now he is really into audio books, dancing and floor puzzles.  He also likes playing with his barn and farm animals and doing any form of art work.  Today he drew his very first representational drawing!!  I was pretty proud.

He showed me the back, the eyes,the "happy mouth," the legs and the tail (the long line on the right)
I suppose once they "master" the circle the rest just falls into place!  I realize it does not actually look like a dinosaur but hey, a kid's gotta start somewhere.  We'll just call him Picasso for now.  Haha.

He's also been getting more and more into dinosaurs lately and really likes trying to say their names. 

Once David got home we had dinner and then they went back up to the playroom while I cleaned up the kitchen.  I usually like to go up and play with them for some family time but today I felt like getting everything cleaned up early so I'd have more free time after Ayden went to bed.  It's nice to kind of take that sort of thing day by day depending on my mood or what needs to be done.

Do you like to prep your kids before doing something or do you take a more sneaky approach?  Every child is different so I'm sure there are some kiddos who actually handle the latter a bit better.

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  1. With my oldest and youngest I always told them what was going on. With my son, it didn't work. If I told him they were going to give him a shot he wouldn't have budged from the car. You have to sneak things on him!

    1. Yes! I'd imagine the strong willed kiddos would be the tricky ones with the full disclosure method... That will actually be a great trait as an adult though!

  2. Wow! I admire your patience. One shot at a time and a drive to the doc office. That must be exhausting and a lot of shots for your son. I agree it is worth that. Those clustered vaccines all in one shot seems nice to get over with but a lot for body to process. Due to exhaustion, I do admit I have been tempted to get them done all at once, but I never have except once. Again, I am impressed that you stand strong in what you believe is right.

    1. Most kids do just fine getting them all done at the same time so if you decide to do it that way don't feel bad. I do think that it's a lot for their little bodies to process and since I have the extra time we decided to take them slowly. They are spaced out enough to where it's not so bad. There was only one shot (the DTAP I think?) that was stacked and it was not offered any other way. The rest would have been separate shots but all at the same time so he is actually getting the same amount of sticks he would have if we followed the standard schedule.

  3. I posted a comment, but I don't see it. Excuse me for posting it again if you did receive it. Could you write more on the staggered schedule you are using? I feel like the standard schedule is so much for a little body to handle. My son is a preemie and due for his first set of shots, and I'm just a bit hesitant about giving his tiny body so much to work through. What resource are you using or could recommend? Also, how in the world did you get a medical office/team to comply?! :)