Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spider Patrol

I am a friend of bugs but my fine feathered friends here are not.

We were getting ready to go this morning and Ayden stepped back, pointed and said, "The itsy bitsy spider, Mommy!"  I followed his little finger and saw a NOT so itsy bitsy wolf spider.  Now, I am that person who will catch a bug and take it outside to set it free.  I did it as a teacher too.  Well... we'd catch it, observe it for the day then all go set it free together but the point is that I would not just squish the things.  Especially not in front of a class full of kiddos. I'm not sure why but killing a living thing in front of a child who doesn't really understand life and death or the why behind it doesn't seem right to me. Also, most spiders, wolf spiders included, are good insect hunters and are usually harmless. I know.  Most folks would probably call me crazy for this and I am okay with that.  Just because I have the desire to show a spider a little mercy, doesn't mean our chickens do.  As soon as I tossed it out, one of the girls gobbled it right up (I may or may not have tossed it in her direction hoping she would do just that...)  These chickens will really be earning their keep this summer by keeping a lot of the spiders and insects at bay.

Today was even warmer than predicted! 

Ayden woke up with a cough and started running a low-grade fever by nap time but he was still acting normal.  He wanted to play outside after he woke up so we went out and played and played!

We came in when our midwife arrived for our 16 week (!!) appointment.  Everything looks great!  Baby's heart rate was 145bpm.  My urine told her I was a bit dehydrated today so she gave me strict orders to drink as much water as I can but other than that everything else urine-wise looked good (you're welcome for that tidbit).  She also asked me to keep a food journal to total my protein intake.  My water broke first thing during Ayden's long labor and lots of protein will hopefully help with making this baby's sac nice and strong.  Keeping a journal will just help me be mindful of how much protein I am taking in and will help me learn what proper protein intake is like if I need to increase it at all.  The recommended amount of protein for a pregnant woman is 80-120 grams per day.  That sounds like a lot to me but we shall see.

We are supposed to get snow tomorrow (blah) but then it's supposed to be in the mid 50's for the rest of the week.  It's no 74* but it's better than snow!

Are you a bug saver too or am I the only crazy lady in town?


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