Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hen Party!

Happy first day of Spring! Someone with awesome bed head drew his first real circle today:

Somehow we had a Mary Poppins chunk of time this morning.  We did everything we usually do and then some yet we were ready to leave the house for story time an hour early.  I'm not sure what the key was but I need to figure it out because it was AWESOME.  Ayden had another really good night's sleep again last night so perhaps that has something to do with it?  And another thing that was different is that he wasn't insistent on nursing first thing like he usually does.  He cuddled in bed with us for a bit, and he didn't ask to nurse until after breakfast.  I was able to unload the dishwasher and put in a load of laundry, without his "help" while breakfast cooked and those are usually things I do a little later in the morning.  I thought perhaps him waking up like that was a sign that meant we were a step closer to him being ready to wean but by the end of the day he had nursed 3 times and 1 is the norm these days.  

Starting off the day on such a good foot put me in a great mood all day long.  Here are a couple more things that added to my happiness today:

Post nap snuggles.
(He's starting to rest on my bump.)
Side porch hen party!
Not sure why they all decided to hang out right there...
It was also fun watching Ayden and David jumping on the trampoline and playing baseball outside while I got dinner ready.  I feel like Spring is definitely lifting all of our spirits.  Now that it is officially here I am letting myself get excited about it.  There are some daffodils in the field behind us that have bloomed recently and I have to say, they make me pretty happy too.

Did something make your day extra great today?

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