Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Abstract Art

We have one box and its frames assembled for our bees! In total there will be 6 boxes and 60 frames so we still have some work to do but we are off to a good start! You can purchase everything already assembled but what is the fun in that? We want to build our farm from the ground up by investing our hearts, souls and lots of time. Lots of wonderful memories in the making going on over here.

I think I rocked my new goals today! I got in the P90X shoulders and arms workout while Ayden played with my parents. It feels so wonderful to be working out again. The endorphins and sense of accomplishment are well worth my time. Why hadn't I been working out again??

So, I played with Ayden a lot, worked out, prepared a Shepherd's Pie for dinner and got my sister's birthday present before going to teach dance. While I was teaching, Ayden kept himself entertained as usual. He has discovered climbing so whenever there is some sort of "step" in front of any stool or bench, he'll climb up and sit.

Just chilling, eating a snack...
On our way out, Ayden started pointing at a prop for a dance and making his horse sound. After looking and looking for what he thought was a horse, I saw this paint smudge.

He is so horse obsessed, he even finds them in abstract "paintings," haha.

3 days down and 27 to go on my journey to new habits. I'm going to keep trucking along!! How are you doing on your goals for this week?



  1. I'm coming along well on my goals for this week and I'm happy for you in doing the same!

    I also decided I will do a blog post everyday just as you did for baby no 2's first year. I'm so excited! I credited you as my inspiration. You're such a role model!

    1. You are too sweet, Maria! You have been a constant supporter for me and I'd love to return that favor :). Can't wait to read alon your journey too!!