Monday, March 4, 2013

We Like To Eat, Eat, Eat...

Since we got our dehydrator, we have made lots of veggie chips; mostly of the kale, zucchini and sweet potato varieties. Yesterday, we crossed over to fruit! We eat our fair share of dried fruit in this house. Both David and I have quite the sweet tooth and since we consume very little refined sugar, we find ourselves reaching for dried fruit a lot. It would only make sense that we give making our own dried fruit a try. We started with the two fruits that we consume the most, apples and bananas.

We started with the apples:


Brushed with lemon juice

Sprinkled with cinnimon
Then onto the bananas:

Sliced, spread onto dehydrator sheet and also brushed with lemon.
We dehydrated them on 135* for around 24 hours and how did they turn out?

The apples turned out perfect! Sweet and crisp and super delicious. The bananas were more like fruit leather, texture wise but they tasted great!

Kid tested, mother approved!!
It is interesting how my interests flow in waves. Right now, I am really enjoying my time spent in the kitchen. I love getting creative, trying new things and feeding my family such healthy yet flavorful food.

What have you been enjoying the most lately?


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