Monday, March 18, 2013

Owning The Day

It poured ALL day today!

I read something recently that suggested to wake up, before the rest of your family if possible, and start your day with purpose. When I first read it I didn't really see how I could benefit from any less sleep than I already get. The reasoning behind it was so "you can control your day instead of it controlling you." I know I am not alone when I say that more often than not, the day gets away from me before I have had a chance to get everything done. There are a few great days sprinkled in here and there but for the most part, I struggle to keep up with everything that needs to be done. Part of this is just my personality. I make big plans but when it comes down to it, I really live in the moment and often lose track of time. Ayden and his moods also have a lot to do with how the day unfolds. But, I think the biggest part of all is just what the article says. I let the day control me. All of the big decisions in my life are so intentional... Why aren't the small ones? I always feel SOOO much better on a productive day so why can't I make them all productive? I've thought long and hard about these questions and I think I can sum up the answers in two words: habit and routine.

I am a very routine oriented individual. If something happens that throws off my usual routine, you can guarantee something will get forgotten or misplaced. It is a little bit of a challenge for me to incorporate new things but it's manageable. My biggest issue is with CHANGING the routine. I love the idea of change and know that most changes are for the best, big picture wise, but my reality is that change is hard. I get myself into ruts sometimes and have a hard time getting out.

The answer to my problem is the same tactic that I use for any big decisions in my life: living intentionally. I took a step back and thought about all of the aspects of my daily routine that suck away productivity or fulfillment. I concluded that those were sleeping in with Ayden (though this one feels AMAZING at the time...), a few iPhone Apps (Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest) and loosing track of time. I also thought about what my routine was missing and decided that exercise, reading and an earlier bedtime needed to be added.

With my new plan in place, I made my to do list, deleted the afore mentioned Apps from my phone, set out my exercise clothes to put on first thing and went to bed knowing that I would wake up intentionally and spend the entire day with that mindset. Low and behold, I woke up before Ayden and got ready, I had half of my to do list crossed off by 10:30am, including the entire hour of the P90X shoulders and back workout.

I felt energetic and accomplished all day! Anytime I would get sucked into Pinterest or Facebook before, which always prolonged my putting Ayden down to sleep, etc., I have read my book on my Kindle App. I can pull myself away from a book much easier than the never ending feeds of those Apps.  I also wore my sport watch which, in addition to putting the digital time right on my arm, has a stop watch and a count down timer that I can use to help me be more efficient, or even help me remember to go check for bubbles when the diapers are rinsing.  Once new habits are established, I won't have to use timers and such but I feel like I need reminders to succeed.  Overall today really was a great success but doing anything once is easy.  I am on a mission to form new habits and routines for my days!

I wonder why we always fall back into old ways, even when we know they aren't as fulfilling. I got so much done during the day today that it has freed up time tonight to build bee hive frames with David, browse Pinterest, Facebook or watch a YouTube video or two (and on the actual computer which is always more fun!). David came home to a living space with everything in its place and dinner ready to eat. This is exactly how I pictured our life with me staying at home. I have achieved it off and on in the past year but I have always struggled to make it a habit. I hope that this time I found the key!

What changes do you make to enable yourself to dig out of a rut?  I think taking the time suck Apps off of my phone will prove to be a good move for me... Once I make it through withdraw, ha!

Here are a couple of cute clips of Ayden today.  In addition to this cuteness, he has started signing please and banana!  Sooo cute :)



  1. It is so brave of you to admit these weaknesses to yourself (and all of us) I have noticed I'm easily distracted by the same things and that I struggle with curve balls in my day. I have also had to evaluate what I need and want to accomplish each day because I worry I will really struggle once number 2 arrives. I always feel better about myself after reading your blog because its reassuring to know I am not alone in these struggles.

  2. I could have easily written this post myself... I read an article recently that said, "Wake up for your children, Don't wake to your children." As in, yep... get up BEFORE them so you can start your day right.

    I deleted facebook (except my business page) about two months ago. It's cut back on a lot of messages with people I barely have a real relationship with. But I find myself blogging more, but I love the world of blogging it's very different than facebook.

    But here I am... up late. I feel like it's the only "me time" I get, but then I'm sleep deprived the next day. I really need to be more intentional.

    Keep it up! They say after the 30 day mark it becomes a habit!

    In a perfect world I would mediate before bed and first thing in the morning and exercise 30 minutes per day. Geeze, sounds so simple writing it out!

    I also have four new books and three new magazines just waiting to be read!

    This was a great blog post. One a lot of us needed to read.

  3. I've tried & tried to take control of my days. I do well for a few days and then completely fall off the bandwagon. My biggest downfall is the internet. I get sucked into it for hours at a time. Good luck on your journey. If you find they key to success, I'm definitely going to give it a whirl.