Sunday, March 24, 2013

Frame Party!

We had a hive frame building party today! David's parents came for a visit and we got another box and 10 frames assembled. Two boxes/twenty frames down, four boxes/forty frames to go.

We made a pot of beef vegetable soup and had our firsts guests since moving in with my folks. Whitney, Kellen and Baby Girl came for dinner. We also tried a new dessert that I found on Pinterest and they were delish! We spent the evening talking about becoming parents and how things have changed. We talked about our pre-baby selves, everything we used to do and every thing we *thought* we'd do/not do as parents.

The reason I decided to go ahead and have bees this season was because an instructor at bee school said, "you can research and 'learn' all you want but nothing will really prepare you so you might as well jump in and learn as you go. Since that sentiment proved to be true with parenting I whole heartedly believed them and now we have bees on the way. Oh, life's parallels. Who knew parenting and beekeeping could be so similar?

As always we had an amazing time with them just sitting and chatting the night away. Now I am ready to conquer week two of project change my ways. Overall week one went well. I had moments of weakness. For instance, the Pinterest app has been reinstalled for house and meal planning purposes. I've been good about reading while putting Ayden down for his naps, though, and I figure I can always delete it again if it sucks me in too far. I have also had a lot of success. I did week one of P90x. I cut the yoga workout short (let's face it, what mother has time for an hour and a half of yoga?) and I never had time for Kenpo on Saturday. No biggie though, I had a great week of exercise and every part of my body was sore at some point or another which felt awesome! I plan on using week two of P90X as my guide and just do as much as I can with no pressure. After having a week of change behind me I did notice that I had to sacrifice a few more things than I thought in order to make time for exercise and more sleep (which I still need to do even better with). I'm not sure that exercising EVERY day is what is right for having balance in my life. I need exercise but I need hobby time too. I really enjoy crafting and haven't done a single crafty thing since Ayden's birthday. I have a few things I want to make for Ayden's Easter basket this week so I may have to only work out three days this week in order to make time for that. The key to success for me is to plan things out and be intentional so I will probably designate workout days and craft days so that everything actually happens. Now I just have to lay out my workout clothes, my watch and make my to do list for tomorrow. Whether or not I set my alarm will depend on what kind of night we have because last night was pretty rough. I am excited to see what this week has in store for us.


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  1. I find that planning my days out the night before are always the way to go for me. Our days are never really regular or routine ( I have 3 children) so day before planning works best for us.