Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Whole World

Here is my whole world in one picture.

Obviously there are more people and things that mean a lot to me but as long as I have those two boys in my life, I'll get through anything!

Taking one of his favorite books to the car with him.
Little Blue Truck

We had a great Saturday together. We walked up to the barn to get some more stakes for the garden. It was "supposed" to rain today but ended up being 60* and sunny. How do weather people stay employed?? I got some nuts and kale chips into the dehydrator while Ayden took a long nap. After lunch we went to David's parents' house and cleared out the rest of our stuff that was in their garage while they played with Ayden.

When all was said and done, it was passed our usual dinner time so we stopped at a Red Box for a movie (Looper), had dinner and got Ayden off to bed. The forecast says cold and rainy for the next three days... We'll see about that!


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