Thursday, March 7, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

I never realized how much easier it was to run small errands here and there all throughout the week. Now that we are a town over from all the hustle and bustle, errand day truly is errand DAY. When we lived in our old house, I would take care of big errands on Thursdays and would make smaller stops all throughout the week. Now I am doing it all in one day and it makes for a very busy and tiring day.

At least I have this adorable errand buddy!
Ayden showered with me for the first time in our new bathroom. I have been taking him to bathe in the upstairs bathtub but I didn't have time for that this morning and he was in desperate need of a cleaning so I thought I'd give it a try. Our shower here has a hand held shower option and it worked out perfectly for having him in the shower by myself. He stood and pointed out his belly button and unmentionables while I had two hands to wash and rinse him. The best part was that since the shower was new to him, it kept him occupied while I finished getting ready. Maybe we'll make it our new playpen.

Just kidding... maybe.
He loves that my shampoo has horses on the label.

We had another great breakfast and were out the door in a flash!

I added a pinch of salt and a few shakes of cinnamon but those are optional.
[inspiration pin]

We went to story time, which was interesting... The usual girl who leads it was on vacation. It is normally from 11-11:30 but the sub finished it up at 11:08. Nobody said anything because we figured she was nervous, rushed through the story time before us, then started ours early and rushed through it too. People who thought they were showing up 10 minutes late were pretty confused when they learned they had missed it altogether. It made us appreciate the girl who usually leads it that much more and we can't wait to have her back next week!

Ayden found the Breyer horse section... We are in trouble!
We ran all of the rest of our errands, made it home for dinner and took a family walk. David and Ayden had their boy time while I cleaned up the mess left from our whirlwind of a morning. Before we knew it, it was 8:30 and passed time for Ayden to go to bed.  It was a busy, fast paced day and I am looking forward to a chance to recoup and clean up tomorrow!

When do you run your errands, all in one day or here and there? How do you keep your house tidy on whirlwind days?? I'd love to hear some tips!


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  1. Since I work, I use my lunch hours to run errands and even hit the grocery store (we have a fridge I can store things in until I'm off).

    Since I work, most days are whirlwind days, especially the mornings. The way I keep things from getting too out of hand, I prep as much as possible the night before. Getting bags packed, outfits picked out, showered, lunches made, etc. this help me to get going as quickly as possible and still have quality time with my little one in the mornings.