Monday, March 25, 2013


When I sat down last night with my calendar to wrap my head around the week ahead and make today's to do list, I realized that Ayden had a vaccination appointment today (he got a Polio booster). Since we stagger and delay vaccines, we go every two months whether he is due for a well baby check up or not. It was originally a week from now but they called late last week and asked to reschedule for today. I am glad I have gotten into the habit of skimming through my calendar on Sundays or I probably would have been a no show (which is something I have challenged myself not to do as a mother). Crisis averted and huge change of plans for today!

We left in time for Ayden to get a nice, long nap on the way.
This was the first time David didn't come with us to the doctor. We missed him but the appointment went well. Ayden's doctor was available so he came in and did a well baby exam after all. The only concern that I had was about how one of Ayden's front teeth got a tiny chip in it at some point. We have no idea when it happened and I was wondering if his teeth were weak or something since you'd expect some big, traumatic event to cause damage to a tooth. The fact that we didn't even know when it happened led me to believe that it chipped easily. Doc said that if it happens again we should have a dentist check his enamel levels but if it doesn't not to worry. His only concern was with the small red mark left after Ayden's nose skid scab came off. He asked what happened and how long ago and then suggested that we put extra sunscreen on it when it warms up since that spot will be more prone to sunburn. I suffered from really bad sunburns multiple times as a child and as a result am a bit over protective in that area so that shouldn't be a problem.

Overall, the appointment was good. Ayden was a "whopping" 29.3 inches and 18 pounds, 10 ounces. He's still our tiny wonder! Hopefully I'll be able to pick up the slack from today's to do list tomorrow. I did run a couple of Thursday's errands while we were out, though, so all we'll have is story time and the grocery which will be awesome.



  1. Is that a disposable diaper on him?

    1. Yes! Grrr... My dawn diaper strip didn't work after all so I also spent the day doing a cloth diaper ammonia stink overhaul (they were starting to give him burns, poor little guy). I tried something new and will write a post on it as soon as I know if it worked or not.

    2. Boo! Good luck! :)

  2. Glad his appointment went well
    We have Storytime tomorrow too & it's our Easter Party. I'm excited to watch Little Man hunt eggs :)

  3. 18 pounds!? Wow what a tiny boy! He is so cute! My 5 month old is 17 pounds! Haha

  4. 6 month old just had his checkup Saturday. He is 27" and 18 pounds!!!

  5. I was having the ammonia problem about a year ago when my son was Ayden's age. I switched to tide and use a little more than you would expect and havent had the issue since. I was told that after a year the concentration of the urine changes and ammonia can build up easier. Who knows if that is true. I have a question about Ayden's tooth. Did the doc file it down or anything? Does it bother you. My toddler woke up with a slight chip too and I am not sure what to do.