Friday, March 29, 2013

Toddler Easter Basket

Today was BEAUTIFUL!

Earthing :)

and an unexpected friendship.
I've been a busy bee this week, helping out the Easter Bunny. Coming up with fun, non-candy toddler gift ideas can be tricky; so I thought I'd share the contents of Ayden's Easter basket a little early, just in case anyone needs some quick, cheap and easy last minute ideas.

Sorry the lighting is kind of terrible...
My favorite part are the "I Spy" discovery bottles.

I used the colored rice that I made earlier this week. I went with the primary colors since those are what we are teaching him first. The red one is a farm theme because of the "big red barn" cliche. The blue one is ocean themed because our boy still loves fish. The yellow one has the faces of all of our immediate family and close friends floating around in it. I think he'll get a kick out of that one.

The other homemade gifts are sound shaker eggs. I went around the house gathering small objects that would all sound different when shaken inside the eggs.

A couple of random fun items are a book:

Ayden loves books by this author
and is a bit obsessed with belly buttons...
And these silly bunny sunglasses (that I had, unopened, in my Spring school theme tub).

Our Easter basket tradition will be to always include a new swim suit:

Cloth swim diaper
And some sort of outdoor activity to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather. This year's outdoor activity is some more side walk chalk wrapped up in a cute rabbit handkerchief.

I actually got the handkerchief last year in my Easter basket from David's parents. It contained a LUSH bath bomb and I kept it to use for Ayden this year.

There you have it, the Easter basket of a 14 month old. What will the Easter Bunny be leaving for your little one?


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