Sunday, March 30, 2014

Packing Up

Ayden hung out with David for most of the day while I did some prep work and packing for a trip.  Ayden and I leave for New York tomorrow to go visit my oldest sister for a few days. The last time I was up there was on our baby moon to New England when we were 20 weeks pregnant with Ayden. It seems that mid-pregnancy is my time to visit my sister...  

Ayden gets to take his own little carry on this time which I think he'll be excited about.  Here's a little sneak peak at what I've packed for him:

The iPod has his favorite music along with a few of his favorite audio books.
I have also packed plenty of snacks, play-doh, a couple of movies, headphones for both of us (though I can't seem to find our headphone splitters so he may be watching movies on his own...) and a change of clothes in case he has an accident.  

We are going to miss David and I know he'll probably miss us even more but I am looking forward to traveling, seeing my sister and her family, seeing all of her baby goats, and spending lots of time with Ayden away from all of my normal daily to dos.  We should be getting plenty of quality time!  I'm also excited that this trip will make the time between now and our anatomy scan fly by since I get home Thursday and our ultrasound is on Friday.  

Here's hoping for smooth travels and a fun trip!

How often do you travel?  Since we started saving as much money as possible, we really dont' travel much.  It's worth it but I do miss the change of scenery!


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1 comment:

  1. Have fun. Hope you post some fun pictures of New York. I would love to see what it looks like there.;)