Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Time Relaxation

Today was cloudy and a little sprinkly but the temperature was right where it needed to be!  The high was in the upper 60's and it was WONDERFUL!  Ayden and I enjoyed our stay home day.  He helped me doctor up my Spring wreath.  I made it two years ago and wore him in the Moby while I was making it.  Needless to say, I kind of rushed through it and it needed a little something extra to make it meet its full potential.  He was such a good little helper, it made me think that maybe I can start doing a little more of my own crafting while he's awake and involve him more in making our handmade home.  

Enjoying his post-nap snack outside!
(with his buddy The Grinch, of course!)
Trampoline time!  He LOVES this thing.
We actually took Ayden to spend the evening at David's parents' house so we could have a date night!  David got me a couple's massage gift certificate for Christmas and we finally made an appointment.  I wanted to wait until I was in the second trimester because most massage therapy places won't do a prenatal massage on a preggo mama in her first trimester. We had our hour long massages then had dinner.  It was wonderful!  We both missed Ayden a lot and were happy to pick him up.  On the drive to our massages, we were talking about how neither of us feel like we need date nights like tonight to feel connected.  Of course we enjoy them, and Ayden LOVES spending time with both sets of grandparents, but they really aren't necessary for us as a couple.  We are just as content to stay home and watch a Redbox or Netflix after Ayden goes to bed.  Even when Ayden was younger and more high maintenance/time consuming, we  were always able to keep each other as #1 and we just found ways to stay connected even with him around.  We were wondering if that would change during the house construction and/or the arrival of Baby #2...  Only time will tell.  We are actually looking forward to how this baby is going to show us all of the things we think we know about parenting.  Just another chance to learn and evolve!

Did your second baby come along and throw you for a loop or did he/she just fit right in?  We figure we just have to get through the first transition month, when we will all just be functioning in survival mode, and then we'll begin to figure things out and find a new normal...


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  1. We had a gorgeous Spring day too. My doors were wide open!
    Baby Number 2 really threw us for a loop. I think mostly because there was 12 years difference in Number 1 and Number 2 plus it was very unexpected as in we didn't think we could have any more. My hormones were out of control the entire pregnancy and after pregnancy I suffered major post-partum. Baby #3 however just fit right in. There was only a matter of about a year between her and my son though!

  2. Baby #2 has definitely been a transition... not terrible, but a definite change. Each parent has someone they are taking care of the majority of the time (there isn't someone who can be cleaning up the dishes while the other plays with just one kid - now someone has to have the newborn too - usually mom nursing!). The first few weeks of exhaustion are tough on the "couple time" too... right when you think you are going to get a moment to yourselves, someone wakes up! Its all a learning curve and as always, just a phase of life to journey through :)