Monday, March 31, 2014

Traveling and Catching Up

Our travels went smoothly today and we arrived in NY safe and sound!

I stayed up late catching up with my sister so I'm not going to write too much tonight...  I will say that flying alone with a toddler is a different experience. I'll definitely write a post with tips and thoughts on it once we get back!  This was Ayden's first night sleeping away from home since we got him sleeping on his own and he didn't miss a beat. He's in a pack n' play, snoozing away and it was just as easy to put him to bed as it is at home. 

I forgot to get my sister's wifi password so I am publishing from my phone. I apologize if the pictures are huge or if anything else is kind of wonky. I'll come back and fix it when I get the chance. 

Have you ever traveled alone with a toddler?  Any tips or thoughts on the experience?


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