Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bee School Year 2

I spent the day at bee school today!

Last year I left all fired up.  I couldn't wait to put the order in for our bee packages and called David on my way home to tell him we were going to go order all of our hive supplies ASAP so we could get to work on building them.  I am excited to get our bees this year but I would compare the excitement to being pregnant with a second baby.  When you are pregnant with your first, the future is so full of possibility, and you daydream about your tiny, snuggly baby.  You "know" that you'll be tired and that sometimes you won't know what to do but since you've never experienced it, you think, "I got this!"  Then, Baby comes and you get a healthy dose of reality.  When it is time for baby #2 to come along, you go into it with a confidence you could have never had the first time around but the excitement is different.  You are well aware of the exhaustion and such that are coming your way but it is balanced by knowing you will have DOUBLE the dose of love and joy that you have with your first.  The excitement is there but it is just different.  

That is how I feel going into this second year as a beekeeper.  I lost both of my hives last year.  One to Colony Collapse Disorder which I feel so small and helpless against.  The other I lost for reasons I could have probably prevented if I had been more experienced.  I got my healthy dose of reality and I am going into this second year with a guarded excitement. When I was a teacher, I had a mentor tell me that it takes 3 years to master teaching a certain grade level.  I am keeping that in mind as I go into this second year. Every year I will learn a little more and before I know it, maybe I can be a guest speaker at bee school!  Hey, a girl can dream can't she??

While I was away, David and Ayden played!

David sent me this picture while I was on my lunch break.
They had a great day full of father son bonding.  Both of my boys greeted me with big hugs and Ayden held my hand and snuggled with me while we all watched a movie together after dinner.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder!


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