Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jump, Jump, Jump!

Ayden's fever was STILL hanging on today.  David went on to the Green Living Fair and Ayden and I had a movie watching sick day.  I did some meal planning and filled out my planner for next week.  It was actually just the kind of Saturday that I needed.  

During Ayden's nap his temp got up to 102.8* so I gave him another dose of Motrin.  After it had a chance to kick in and he got some pep back in his step he asked to go play outside.  It was a beautiful day so out we went!  

My parents got Ayden a Little Tykes trampoline for Christmas and it's been siting on our porch in the box waiting for warmer weather.  I thought it would be the perfect time to get the thing set up.

My little helper.

It took me a couple of hours with plenty of breaks here and there.  We even stopped at one point because Chief, our neighbor's horse, really needed a carrot (according to Ayden).  So we went inside and got Chief, Maverick, Ayden and myself carrots.  We gave the animals theirs and then laid together on the trampoline while we ate ours.  Ayden was being so cute and it was a pretty sweet moment.  After our snack I got to work on getting the sides up and we were just finishing when David got home.

Trying it out.
The box says for ages 3-10.  We are breaking all the rules!
I had a regular sized trampoline as a kid.  I love how it gets you moving yet it's so fun you don't even realize you are being so active.  I just know that this will bring Ayden hours of fun! All we need now is a sandbox and Ayden's outdoor choices will be pretty awesome for this summer.  I am thinking about building this one for him very soon.  Should be a fun project.

What outdoor toys do your kids love? Ayden also has a little slide and a bin full of various sports equipment, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a bug cage and a shovel/pail.  We also have a kiddy pool that we'll bring out once it's nice and hot. That stuff alone keeps us pretty busy!  I plan to do a lot of work outside this summer (cleaning out our shed, organizing for a garage sale, yard work, etc.) and need lots of options to keep Ayden safely and independently busy.  I'd love more ideas!

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