Thursday, March 13, 2014

Parents Beware

Ayden's fever stuck around today but did not get over 100*.  Whatever he's dealing with, isn't anything crazy but it also isn't in going to be defeated easily.  He has a little cough and a clear runny nose which are making his little voice sound adorably raspy, but other than that he is his spunky self!

Something new that Ayden has developed is saying, "huh?" all the time. He'll even say it when he's on his way to go do what we asked him to.  We are not concerned that he actually can't hear us because he has been making huge leaps in speech sound production and that just would not be happening if he couldn't hear us clearly.  I am kind of wondering if the progress in his speech has something to do with it?  Maybe his little brain wants him to hear the sounds in words over and over and over again and that is leading him to say, "Huh? huh? huh?"  That is just a theory though...  I'm pretty sure the real reason is that I have the not so great habit of saying it a lot and believe me, kids say back to you whatever you say to them.  If it is something like, "NO!" or "Stop it!" you better believe that your toddler will be saying those things to you at some point. If you say please and thank you to them on a regular basis, chances are they will magically have good manners. The same goes for our other speech habits like the oh-so-classy, "huh?"  The good thing is that it acts like a mirror for us.  We can see ourselves in them when they begin to pick up our habits. With that we can take a step back and assess whether or not we like what we see. We are our children's first teacher and they learn best through what is modeled for them.  This is a great reminder for that whole "Be the person you want them to be" thing.  Usually when you hear that quote you think it is maybe for how you wish for them to be as an adult but, my friends beware.  It all starts much, much earlier than that! They start reflecting who we really are very early on and all I want is to like what I see.  Thank you, my little one, for reminding me everyday to be a better person.  For reminding me to be who I want you to be now and forever. 

 Has your toddler given you a glimpse of yourself lately?   How did it go?


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  1. I love reading your blog. Thanks for all the insights. I do notice from reading your posts that you tend to over analyze many things. You are probably aware of this and it is not a bad thing always, but it can cause stress or anxiety. Just my opinion. Hope ayden gets well. His healthy diet should keep him healthy.

  2. He has definitely picked up a pesky bug hasn't he? Hope he is 100 percent better very soon!

    My son says all the time "I'm not telling you again". I say that a billion times a day and know that's where he got it from!

  3. Haha. Too funny! Ayden also told David to keep his hands to himself one day and I had a student once who told me, "That's not a choice!" when I was having him do something he didn't want to.