Friday, March 7, 2014

Maternal Instincts

It's foaling season in the Bluegrass!  On our way home from play group, I noticed some mamas and their new babies out in a field next to the road so we pulled over and got out to watch them a bit.  One baby was nursing, a couple were staying close to their mamas and practicing their grazing,and  a few more were lying down taking naps.  

As we were watching them I could not help but notice how each mother was staying close to her foal.  The mother that was nursing was standing and patiently waiting while her baby got its fill.  The mares with the sleepy babies were resting too (even horses somehow know you should sleep when the baby sleeps) and the others would snort or whiney if their babies began to stray too far, calling for them to come back.  And they would.  It is not often that I get to witness an animal mother in action and whenever I am able to, I am in awe.  It made me wonder, what it would be like in a world where we didn't have books, articles and overwhelming amounts of advice coming at us from all angles.  What if we were like these horses and just able to let instinct lead the way?  That is a lesson I learned fairly early on but I still have to remind myself of. Don't read too far into things.  Do what feels right.  What feels right in this season, may not feel the same in the next.  Constantly learning, constantly evolving.  No one else is parenting your child.  You are the ONLY one who knows their needs (and your own!).  All of these thoughts triggered by stopping to admire some cute baby horses on a beautiful, Spring-like day!  Haha.

After nap, I nixed our plans to run errands and we played outside!  Nothing like soaking up some sunshine.

On the home front, we got our temporary electric pole set today!  

We have our own meter and an outlet and everything.  Baby steps and small celebrations all along the way.  Forward progress feels good!

Do you ever ask yourself, "What would a cavewoman do?" when trying to make a parenting decision? For me, it seems to be the ticket to following my instincts rather than the overwhelming amounts of conflicting information that is out there. 


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  1. Very well said. Animals go by instinct and what feels natural. I agree that all those parenting books become overwhelming. I know i have been following my instincts and i have taken critisism. Only a mother knows what is best for her child. I really loved reading this post.

  2. So true! Glad you enjoyed :)

  3. I ALWAYS think what would a cavewoman do! I usually find the answer I want this way. Though I do think sometimes they'd be sharper than I am in certain situations like perhaps a swat when a child would do something dangerous but we don't physically discipline. But it usually works best for me!