Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter needs to take a hike!!!  It snowed all day today.  It wasn't as bad as it could have been since it never stuck to the roads or sidewalks but it really lowered my spirits. 

I am so completely and utterly over this Winter and my clementine even agreed with me today:

I decided I would need to get out of the house in order to make it through the day without completely wallowing in my Winter induced sorrows so we headed to the gym.  

Preggo gym selfie. 18 weeks tomorrow!
Not gonna lie... felt weird to take this pic.  Haha.
I dropped Ayden off to play at the child care while I worked out a little and then we went for a swim.  We canceled our membership but we have until Apri 14th before we can't go anymore so we're going to make the most of it!  After the gym we stopped by the nearby library and the pet store before heading home for a late lunch and a nap.  I'm just glad that the temp is only going to be on the rise for the 10 day forecast.  My spirits really can't take many more cold and cloudy days.  Where are my rainbows and sunshine?!?

David and I are having a veg out and watch Netflix date night.  We've started watching Hart of Dixie and are really enjoying it.  We needed a show with a little bit of a lighter feel this time around and this one is just right.  As far as my show goes, the one that I watch to make evening kitchen clean up more enjoyable, I've started Pretty Little Liars.  Talk about a show full of scandal and suspense!  The show is based on a book series and I started book one years ago but could never finish it for some reason.  Watching the show is making me want to start it back up again though I have heard it doesn't really follow the books very closely.  For those of you who have read the books and watched the show, will it ruin anything if I do both?  

Speaking of kitchen clean up , it's calling my name.  Time to sign off so we can start date night!!

Is it still miserably Winter where you are?  How are you keeping your spirits up while you wait for Spring to really begin?


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  1. I am thinking of cloth diapers. Do you have any recommendations of where to go online to purchase and what brand do you prefer? I agree on winter, hate it. Spring is here at last!:-)

  2. I'm so over winter too. My kids were out of school again today due to snow. It's driving me insane!!!