Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Bright Side Of A Fever

Ayden woke up without a fever.  Since it never got over 99 yesterday, I chocked it up to teething (we're expecting 2 year molars and he's been gnawing on his hands a lot lately).  We went to our weekly play group meeting and he acted normal the whole time we were there.  When we got home I fed him lunch and then as I was putting him down for his nap I noticed that he felt warm again.  I took his temperature and it was up again to 101.0*.  UGH.  I couldn't believe that I took him and exposed all of his little friends to whatever bug he must have.  I should have trusted my initial feelings of keeping him home just to be safe but he kept saying, "I not sick, Mommy.  I happy! I want to go to M's house!" and he was acting completely normal.  Such difficult decisions we mamas have.  I took the night off from teaching dance and we just stayed home and relaxed.  He actually played better independently than he has in a long time and I was able to work on reorganizing our personal files which is a task I've had going for a LONG time now.  I almost finished it and that felt good!

When I was a teacher, we always knew when a particularly "spirited" child was coming down with something because all of the sudden they'd be the model student.  Taking notice of the change in classroom dynamic, my assistants and I would always go straight to the thermometer.  Sure enough, 100% of the time we had diagnosed that they'd caught a bug before even touching them.  I'm not saying that Ayden fits into that sort of spirited category since I think he's pretty easy going as far as toddlers are concerned (at least for now!); but I did notice that it was a quieter and overall more productive day for us. He even napped a half hour longer than usual. I suppose if your child is going to be under the weather it is good to find the bright side! Before bed his temp was still up around 101.4*.  I'm thinking he has a little virus of some sort. Fevers that stay under 102* are the kind to have for Ayden.  He still feels well enough to play and he's building new immunities which is a wonderful thing for his future self.  I let the play group mamas know, apologized and told them I'd keep them posted on what came of it. We will be skipping story time tomorrow and will probably have another low key, stay home day.

Have you ever had a fluctuating fever trick you into thinking you were in the clear?  I suppose this is a prime example of the whole "fever free for 24 hours" rule that schools have...


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