Saturday, March 1, 2014

In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

Hello March!  Like the old saying goes, March is coming in like a lion:

Winter storm WARNING unti Monday afternoon.
2-4 inches of snow are expected.
Along with the possibility of "significant icing."

At least I saw this today, though!

Hello, baby grass!!
I am okay with the fact that Mother Nature is planning one last (hopefully) hoorah because with March brings the beginning of Spring.  It may be coming in like a lion but it'll be going out like a lamb and it'll be April and warm before we know it.

Today was a pretty awesome Saturday.  It was pretty warm (the quiet before the storm I suppose) so David, Ayden and I went on a little exploration adventure around the farm we are living on.  There are a lot of old barns and out buildings around us and it was fun to look around and look for hidden treasures.  We actually only found pretty typical farm stuff everywhere but it was still fun to get out in the fresh air and explore new territory.  

During Ayden's nap I made a meal to take over to a friend who is going through a hard time right now and then we went to our farm where David and his dad were doing some house building prep. We found out today that we will be able to break ground as early as April!! I visited with my mom who recently had shoulder surgery and Ayden played outside with my dad and nephew.  It was a good time all around.

David figured since I had already prepared one big meal that I shouldn't need to make another so we went out for dinner:

We tried to take Ayden swimming at the Y but right after he and David got in (I was still changing into my suit) a little boy got sick in the pool so they had everyone get out and closed it down for the next half hour.  We didn't have time to wait so we got dressed back in our street clothes and headed home.  

We have started laying Ayden down and leaving the room for naps and night time now.  He cries and fusses for a few minutes but then goes to sleep pretty quickly.  We both miss cuddling him to sleep sometimes but majority of the time it's actually pretty nice to just put him in bed, kiss him good night and leave the room.  It prevents Ayden from pulling out all of his stalling tactics and drawing bedtime out longer than necessary.  We are out of the room and each doing our own thing by 7:30 every night now and that predictability has added some quality to our evenings for sure.  We are hoping that he will get used to it soon enough and not even cry at all but, as with any change, it will take some time for adjustment.

Is Mother Nature planning one last hoorah where you live?  Are you as ready for Spring as we are?!?


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  1. Is Ayden still in a crib? Even if my 2 year old was in one, he would climb out and try to come out with us. I could not listen to him bang the door down trying to come out. I've never tried any kind of sleep training so it would be a new experience to him.