Friday, February 28, 2014

Every Party's A Birthday Party

We had a busy Friday.  Our Monday playgroup was rescheduled for this morning so we had some fun there then spent the rest of the day running errands.  One of which was purchasing a baby gift for a baby shower we attended tonight.  

Shooting some hoops at Bed Bath and Beyond

In an effort to save some money and prevent impulse buys, I've been doing less brick and mortar shopping and more online shopping.  You don't realize how overwhelming retail establishments can be until you take a break from them for a while. But, I digress...

After we got home and I was putting the items into the gift bag, Ayden started singing happy birthday to himself.  Recalling all of the parties and showers that I have been to where all of the children assume the gifts are for them, I took the opportunity to let him know that we were going to a party and that there would be presents, but the presents would not be for him.  He listened and thought about it for a second and then moved on to something else.  When we got to the shower and he had some time to warm up he got down and explored the place.  He quickly found the table of gifts and started to get one down.  When I got to him he said, "I need help."  I got down on his level and said, "I know you really love to open presents but remember, these are not for you.  They are for Baby B."  He said, "No, those Ayden's presents" and then proceeded to have a floppy noodle meltdown as I pulled him away from the table.  He got over it quickly enough but it is just SO hard for toddlers to understand things like this.  They are so egocentric at this stage.  It is normal and expected.  There is no need to get upset with them because they are just expressing extreme disappointment at the other end of extreme excitement.  

David and I have always said that we would not let our children "help" other people open their gifts and we plan on sticking to that.  Even though he doesn't understand now, he will eventually and it is important for them to learn that other people deserve the spotlight and excitement just as much as they do.  Oh the inner workings of a toddler mind...


The shower started at 6:30 and we usually start Ayden's bedtime routine at 7.  Other than the gift misunderstanding and a couple of falls that hurt, Ayden won everyone over and was the life of the party.  He was sleepy but the only way you could tell was with how clumsy he was getting (and how easily he cried when he did fall down).  We are so happy that he is our little cutie.

Has your toddler had a floppy noodle meltdown recently?  Share your story!


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  1. It wasn't the floppiest or noodle-iest tantrum my son has ever had but we were having lunch at Chipotle yesterday and my son wanted to drink water (but more like play with the cup and spill it.) Then he wanted to walk around and throw chips on the ground and I decided it was time to leave. Out came the floppy noodle. I had to carry him out of the restaurant under my arm as I was trying to gather our stuff and get out quickly. It was quite a sight!

  2. Amazing possession list! It is very true. I can also make one like this for my daughter’s birthday. I am still looking out for a perfect venue amongst so many good venues in NYC. I am very confused as to what place I must pick. Anyways, I really liked this blog a lot.