Friday, February 21, 2014

Name Hunting

The past couple of days have been filled with things like this:

A bunch of playing outside, thinking about playing outside and reading books. That's about all we have done.  Our chickens have been liking our company too!  They are not usually all in the same place like in the pictures above.  We have so enjoyed this little warm up we have been having!  Today had a pretty strong chilly wind but the sun was still shining. We have a beautiful weekend on tap before Winter returns (hopefully for the last time!  Darn that ground hog...)

David and I have been doing a lot of baby name brainstorming. Just like with Ayden, we've been set on a boy name for a while and are confident that we love it. Girl names are so much harder for us for some reason. We have a couple of consistent front runners but nothing that sits so well we just know it is the one. It has been fun to think about it together. We've been randomly texting each other ideas throughout the day and coming up with other suggestions at night. If one likes a possibility but the other does not, it's out. We want us both to love the name we choose and there are SO many names out there we are bound to find one eventually. We will reveal the name *if we've made a decision by then* either way after our anatomy scan on April 4th (so long as Baby cooperates and everything is well). 

What are your favorite girl names?


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  1. Replies
    1. Ooo, pretty! Hadn't considered Grace yet. Thanks :)

  2. This is off topic, but I have a couple questions for you. I think i read you all are drinking milk. Is that dairy milk? Are you still paleo eaters and is milk okay on paleo diet? I am very confused cause I thought dairy was what paleo avoided. I myself avoid milk and try to avoid dairy. Did your pedi want milk for your son due to being underweight. Please let me know your reasons for bringing dairy back into your home. Very curious. As far as girls name, i love name juliet or brooklyn.

    1. We were only strict Paleo while David was working on healing his auto-immune disease. We are more of an 80/20 Paleo household now (indulging when at gatherings or out for special occasions). We have become members of a cow share program and have access to raw, grass fed milk. Once we discovered that, we added dairy back into our diet (raw goats milk would have been even better). David does not drink much of it because his body still does not react well but Ayden and I handle it just fine. It all comes down to listening to what your body is telling you. Ayden's pediatrician is not concerned about his weight and was not the reason we chose to add milk to his diet. He's just genetically small. It was just a personal choice. Hope this helps. I really love Juliet AND Brooklyn. Thank you for the suggestions!

    2. Also, some people follow what's called a "primal diet" which is pretty much Paleo with grass fed dairy. I suppose you could say that is what we are doing now but we are tired of giving it a label since we are now kind of tailoring our diet to fit our needs/desires rather than following a strict plan. We are just feeding ourselves whole, clean foods that fuel our bodies and make us feel good. Always learning, always evolving. :)

  3. love Charlotte for classic name, and love Wren for something a bit different xx

  4. I saw the name Nayjee in somewhere and thought you could like it.
    I also love Madeline and Ellouise.
    Hope it helps.

  5. I really like Ella, Madison, Sophia, Paisley, Quincy, Ainsley, Addison, Emmi, and Mia.