Sunday, February 2, 2014

Touchdown Machine

This year's Super Bowl was different than any before. Two years ago, Ayden was a newborn and not on any particular schedule. We went to our friends' house but I think we stayed for the whole game. If we did leave early it was at half time and for me to get to bed since Ayden slept pretty much anywhere, anytime.

Last year we skipped the game altogether. We were in a mad dash to get out of our house. Crazy times that we still can't believe we went through. 

This year, we have a sweet, rambunctious toddler who played hard leading up to the game.

When the game came on, he was winding down and getting sleepy. He played quietly with some trains while we watched the first half hour of the game then we came home to get him to bed. 

The days of staying out at a Super Bowl party for the whole game are on pause for us for a while (which is fine with me since I'm not a big football fan to begin with). 

We did turn the game on at home. We caught the halftime show and the 2nd half after Ayden went to bed. David was rooting for the Broncos and I went with the Seawawks for fun. I was glad I chose the right team. Haha. 

Did you watch the game?  Go to any exciting Suoerbowl parties?


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