Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Heat Wave

Hello, February!  Thank you for coming in and warming us up.

Even if it was only for a day...

We spent A LOT of time outside, soaking up the sunshine and getting good doses of vitamin D. 

David and his dad got started on fencing off our property.

After Ayden's nap, we went to watch and eat snack.
(That was his face when he heard the chain saw.)
Sidewalk chalk and chicken fun!
Mav, getting ready to enjoy an apple.
All of our friends enjoyed the warmer weather today.
It was a glorious day and my case of Spring Fever is now a little more severe. At least the days are getting longer. That gives me something to hold on to as we go into phase 2 of Winter. We are supposed to get another snowstorm tomorrow.

Was it warm where you are today? How did you celebrate?


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