Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting Dirty

What an amazing day we had!

I am so happy for the break from the freezing cold that we have this week.  I know that Winter isn't over, and that we could still get more cold and snow, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the warmer forecast while it lasts!!

After nap we got outside and played for a couple of hours.

Everyone enjoyed a nice, long walk!

He leans in and smiles for pictures now.  So funny!

Something new that has developed with Ayden is a strong desire to stay clean.  He likes to wipe his hands and face after messy bites during dinner, he will go get his own tissue to wipe his nose or eyes as needed, he even tries to wipe himself after going potty.  Don't get me wrong, I celebrate and encourage his self help skills and appreciate his help with keeping messes at a minimum in the house.  On the other hand, I don't wish for his quest for cleanliness to keep him from having those oh-so-important hands on experiences through which children learn best.  

His wagon has a wheel that falls off constantly.  He worked hard to put it back on today, but when he saw the mud on his hand he was ready to turn around and go back inside to wash them.  I told him that it was okay to get mud on his hands when he was playing outside.  I encouraged him to wipe some of it off in the grass and said that we'd wash hands when we were done playing.  He seemed okay with that but still went straight to the towel we had brought out with us to dry off toys when we got back from our walk.  

I am hoping that it has just been spending so much time inside this Winter that has made him forget that getting in the dirt can be fun.  I am going to take the wait and see approach for a little while before worrying too much about it and may introduce a few more messy activities (finger painting, gak, etc.) just to help him ease into the messy fun of the warmer months.  As with anything else, we want him to know there is a time and place for anything.  I want to keep encouraging him to take care of himself and clean up his messes when we are inside but I also want him to know sometimes there's nothing better than getting your hands in the dirt.  We weren't going to have a garden this year but maybe we'll plant a few things, just so he can help us and get a little dirt on his hands.  

Do you have a child who went through a super clean phase?  Did it pass on its own? Throughout this parenting journey of mine I have learned that most things are phases and half the time I waste precious moments worrying about something that would go away on its own.  


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