Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spa Day

First, I just want to thank everyone for the congratulations and well wishes on yesterday's post.  We are very excited (and maybe a little nervous) to start this new adventure.  If anyone has been wondering why my posts have become a little lack-luster over the passed couple of months, now you know!  I don't really get sick in the first trimester with my pregnancies but I get T-I-R-E-D.  I've been sleeping more and doing a lot less and am just now starting to feel a little more like myself again.  Maybe by March I'll have my old pep back in my step if not sooner.  

It wasn't really our intention to wait this long to share the news here on the blog but there are a few people in my personal life who read around here and we wanted to make sure all of them knew before posting about it.  Then, we decided it would be a lot of fun to use an ultrasound photo, audio of the heart beat (or both!) for the announcement so we decided to just wait.  I'll be sprinkling some pregnancy updates and such in here and there along the way now so be on the lookout!

Last night, my nausea returned.  It felt different than the stomach bug but I still tossed my cookies.  Just one time, though, so that was a bonus... I guess.  Then all day today I still felt super queasy.  I think I should have taken it a little easier than I did yesterday.  I woke up feeling better, had our doctor's appointment, skipped my nap, ate like I normally do all day and taught dance.  Looking back on it, I definitely overdid it for having been through that stomach bug just the day before.  So, I cancelled all of my plans today and we had a stay home pajama day.  I got some house work done here and there and rested a lot in between.  I also gave Ayden a spa day. A lot of times we just give him a quick bath, get him ready and get out the door but today, I took my time.  Let him play in the water as long as he wanted, cuddled him in his hooded towel for a while, gave him a lotion massage, trimmed his hair, trimmed his nails, cleaned out his ears.  By the time he nursed before his nap he started to fall asleep almost immediately, which is a no-no now that we have our new sleep routine (as tempting as it is sometimes).  So I got him up, brushed his teeth (which woke him up), had him pick his two books, read them and then as tired has he was just minutes before, this happened instead of him quietly falling asleep like usual: 

I couldn't help but laugh because it kind of reminded me of this:

I usually lay in the bed right next to his crib until he falls asleep (who am I kidding, these days I lay there the whole time and take a nap myself...) but lately, he's been standing up and looking at me or playing with things around the crib.  I started a new thing where I would give him a warning that if he didn't lie down, Mommy would leave the room.  He never would so I'd step out, he'd cry, I'd come back then he would take me seriously and go right to sleep.  There were no tears today.  He just tried to figure out which door I'd come through once he started calling for me.  Even though he didn't cry, he was still happy when I came back in and went right to sleep.  

As yucky as I felt today, I got a lot of much neglected housework done.  I had David stop and get me soup again for dinner since I wasn't able to eat much today and after that I felt better than I had all day.  Next time I have a stomach bug, and especially if I have one while pregnant, I am going to remember to take it easy physically and food wise the day after.  Too much too fast can throw things off all over again for sure.  I have a lot of errands planned for tomorrow.  Here's hoping I have the energy and the stomach for getting some things done!


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  1. Definitely no fun to be sick on top of pregnant (especially in the first trimester)! Congrats on the impending arrival. Can't wait to hear (read) more about all things concerning baby #2