Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pieces Of Home

It has been fun to see Ayden recognize pieces of home now that we are getting more things set up around here. You know the moment he recognizes something because he'll rush towards it excitedly and use whatever it is in the exact same way he did before. Take our night stands for instance. One of his favorite things to do at our house was open the drawers and find whatever treasures he could, his most prized being a tube of Chapstick. He has had fun checking out the drawers periodically though they are still mostly empty. He is also enjoying exploring new things and is helping us find what needs child proofing. Something I am missing is having a relatively child proofed home. We never did any "official" child proofing, other than gates for the stairs, but we did move sharp or harmful objects to higher places, etc. It sort of happened gradually as he discovered new places. At the first sign of new interest in a place that housed a potential hazard we would move it and it looks like we will be going through a similar process here.

Tippy toes!
Something else that has been pretty awesome since we have come here is Ayden's naps. They have been once a day for 2-3 hours long and that is a record for our little man. I'm not sure if it is how dark our room is, the white noise from the air purifier, the temperature, or what but I am loving it for sure!

You know it's a good nap when you have sheet marks on your face.

Tomorrow is story time and errand day and I am looking forward to being out and about with my own agenda. I wonder if it will feel weird to be driving around our old neighborhood but not going home...


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