Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feeling It

The reality and stress of such a quick and drastic change hit me this morning. I woke up feeling overwhelmingly frustrated about not knowing where to find some of the things I needed. After a quiet morning with just Ayden and myself, though, I was already feeling better. My mom was away at a Pilates class and my dad was out to breakfast with some friends. I got to putter around the kitchen, making us breakfast and cleaning up in peace with Ayden playing with various kitchen utensils at my feet just like I did every morning at home and it was just the amount normalcy that I needed.

After breakfast, I made a lot of progress on emptying boxes, taking inventory as I went which felt really good too. After lunch we ventured out to the bank to deposit the check we received at our closing and I have to say that our account balance is now pretty awesome! No more mortgage payments, woohoo!! So liberating!

In his "Happy Baby" yoga pose.

Ayden seems to be just as happy here as he is anywhere and the pets are adjusting nicely too. I got Polly when I was 13 so she lived here until I was in college and brought her with me when I moved off campus to our townhouse. Needless to say, she feels right at home and loves getting to go outside. On the other hand, Maverick takes a little longer to adjust. He used to live here with me too but he gets super excited when he is around new smells and doesn't settle in until he has smelled them all. He had a few moments today where he relaxed so I think he is well on his way! I got Ayden's fish settled in too so everyone is happy.

Relaxing while I unpack

I had dinner ready when David got home so that we could eat right away then knock out a bunch of stuff. We got the rest of the furniture assembled on our room and and consolidated everything that is left to go through and unpack into one area. As we go to bed tonight I feel like our little adventure has officially begun. There is still work to be done but our progress today made a huge difference in my stress and comfort levels.

Perhaps we will be completely settled in just in time to move into our new house ;).


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