Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-Day Fun

We got an early start today.  We went to the grocery first thing so Ayden could say hi to all of his girlfriends for Valentine's Day.

All of the employees at Whole Foods know him by name and call him the store mascot :).
My good friend Whitney and Baby Girl joined us for story time today!  Ayden was all over the place.  I think it was because it was too crowded for us to sit on the risers so we had to sit on the floor.  He must interpret being elevated as a cue that he can't get up and explore.  He is also a toddler, which explains a lot...

After story time we headed over to the school where I used to teach (and from which Whit is on maternity leave).  I needed to give the DVDs I made for one of my old co-workers since they were a Valentine's Day gift for her husband.  It was so good to see everybody and catch up!  I worked with an awesome team of women and I am so happy that they invite me back into the group like I was never even gone.  Everyone enjoyed Ayden and once he warmed up he was ready to wander the halls all by himself if I would have let him.  He showed off all of all of his animal noises (the snake was everyone's favorite) and he seemed to really enjoy the Kindergarten classrooms.  Baby girl is 4 weeks old now and is still almost a pound smaller than Ayden was when he was BORN.  She is so tiny, sweet and adorable and stayed asleep almost the whole time.  

Puzzles!  Ayden took the pieces out and Mommy put them back. 

My oldest sister came in for a visit today and we kept it a secret from my mom so that was a fun surprise.  When my mom left for work, where my sister and her boys were waiting for her, my dad and I got busy with straightening up the house in preparation since my mom always likes visitors to come to a nice, put together home.

As for my Valentine, we cooked dinner together and baked a cake together for dessert.  We exchanged small, personal gifts tonight and have a much needed couple's massage scheduled a couple of weeks from now on a Saturday.  Once we get through my sister's visit and traveling to meet our new nephew out of the way we will be able to steal some time away together.

Our Valentine dessert!
Last year on Valentine's Day, Ayden was 3 weeks old and had a tummy troubles melt down right as we sat down to our candle lit dinner.  This year we put him to bed early and enjoyed a wonderful, romantic evening together.  It is amazing how much can change in a year!

What did you and your sweetie do for Valentine's Day?


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