Sunday, February 10, 2013


Today was chilly and cloudy but that didn't stop us from going outside for some fresh air. Though Ayden stayed up 2 hours later than usual, he was still up by 8:30 so I knew he'd be off all morning and even said to David, "he's going to want an early nap today." Does Mama know her baby or what? Ayden protested almost everything we did until we made it outside which is not the norm for our easy going little man. I was so happy to get outside as well because it brought me some peace too!

Two things that Ayden has always loved, and that are usually our saving graces when he's having an off day are water and the great outdoors! I think farm living is going to suit him well. He also is fascinated and obsessed with animals and so far we have a dog, 2 cats, horses, cows and plenty of wild birds for Ayden to observe. He added moo to his collection of animal sounds just today and makes his sound for the horses as a request to visit them the second he gets outside.

Polly is totally back in her element. She was a farm cat when she lived with me here before but she got withdrawn and lonely when I left so we all thought she'd be happiest wherever I was. She did okay as an indoor cat but you can just see when you look at her how happy she is roaming the fields and hunting for mice. The fact that she has both us and the great outdoors here with her have definitely rejuvenated our old girl. My mom is enjoying Polly's snuggles as well since their cat, Millie, is not a snuggler.

Ayden and I walked around and played outside while David unloaded our compost from our old house this morning. Compost takes a while to break down and we had put a lot of time and effort into that compost. There was no way we were going to move here to start a garden and leave all of that "black gold" behind. If you know anything at all about gardening then I'm sure you can relate! We have had a sizable family garden for the last several years here on the farm and we plan to add to it over time as the new endeavor unfolds and grows. My parents compost as well, so David just added ours to the mix. He and my dad plan to get some old pallets and repurpose them into separated compost bins. We have one for each stage, you typically need a place each for new compost, compost in the process of breaking down and compost that is ready to use. Compost is an important aspect of nourishing the plants as well as keeping the soil rich in nutrients.

As for the rest of our day, Ayden is going to visit with David's parents while we tackle more of our STUFF.

Do you compost?  We actually had really good luck doing it in the neighborhood.  You can use it for growing flowers, food or any other kind of plant.


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