Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mothers Are Strong

David's parents went home this morning so today it was time for the kids to play. And by play I mean hanging around holding and playing with babies which wasn't too different from the past two days... The dynamic is different without parents around, though, and we had some great conversation (funny that we will someday be those parents when these boys are all grown up). We made them dinner and did a small newborn photo shoot for Little Cousin while Ayden was sleeping. It was a great day and perfect end to our visit. We wanted to get a picture of the three of us with the Capitol in the background to document Ayden's first time here but we didn't get around to it.

Good at napping in new places.
As we were out and about shopping for dinner ingredients, we passed a woman who was leading a tantruming preschooler with one hand and carrying an infant carrier with the other. Even though the carseat had to be feeling pretty heavy and the tantruming child difficult to steer/pull along, she had a stoic, determined look on her face. After we passed her David said, "Mothers are so strong..." And he is right. Mothers ARE strong in so many ways. We are strong in a sense that we know how to function through the depths of extreme exhaustion. We are strong because we hold our babies each and everyday; so even when they weigh 20 pounds we have the stamina to hold and carry them for as long as they need. We are strong because we can still care for our families even when we are under the weather ourselves. Those are just a few examples for the plethora of skills that put us mothers in a league of our own. This is not to say that fathers are not strong and wonderful too. I think each parent brings something very special to the family unit that the other cannot. We just saw a mother in action today in a situation that gave a good illustration of what it is to be a mother. Strong and stoic and getting things done.

I hope our drive home tomorrow has a little less snow and the same amount of Ayden awesomeness as the drive here did.



  1. You're so right about all the things that make us mothers strong and its great of David to recognize it!

  2. Didn't you say that the Ergo hip hold caused your last plugged duct? Are you still using it?

    1. I did. It only seems to happen if I wear the hip hold for a prolonged period of time. This time worked out okay :)