Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snug As A Bug

Our little mouth breather, snoozing during errands today.
During early Winter, David's mom gave Ayden a fleece one piece coveralls outfit from LL Bean.


We put it on Ayden a few times before our move but since we've been on the farm it has been PERFECT! There are a lot of features that I really love about this little outfit and I will share them now in no particular order.

- I like how the hood fits closely around his face without any sort of draw string.
- I like the tight cuffs at the ankles. They practically tuck themselves into his boots.
- I like how it is water resistant. It is the perfect outfit for getting to play outside on a less than sunny day.
- I like how light weight yet super warm it is.
- I like how the zipper goes down one leg, just like on footed sleepers. It is really easy to put on and take off.

Taking Mav for a walk around the farm and staying WARM!
Our new backyard!
A recent bonus, that I actually discovered while we were visiting DC, is that it is the perfect outfit for a baby wearing outing on a cool/windy/rainy day. Our first day there I carried Ayden on my back in the Ergo with both of us wearing coats and it wasn't a very comfortable experience for either of us. Ayden's coat was all bunched up, his hood kept falling off, and his ankles were showing, which I'm sure froze him to death. David also had to help me put Ayden in and take him out of the carrier, which is usually something I can do by myself.

I had been looking at purchasing or making one of these:

But now that I have discovered how well this outfit works, I don't think we will need it... Once he's in the Ergo in this, nothing bunches, his ears and ankles stay covered and he is snug as a bug in a rug. Problem solved!

I highly recommend this handy little outfit for every toddler out there!


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