Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ups and Downs of Moving

Today was exhausting to say the least but we made great moving progress!

We woke up to a few inches of snow and a call from our storage unit facility letting us know that they would not be letting us borrow their moving van due to the weather. Bummer #1. Davis called Uhaul and reserved a truck and when he got there, they didn't have the size that we reserved. Bummer #2. Everyone did a great job going with the flow, though. David said that every bump in the road was another chance to practice patience And going with the flow. It was a long day for us all, Ayden included, and I am proud of my boys and all of our great friends and parents who have joined in to help us out. We couldn't have done it without everyone. It is times like these that really make you feel loved because everyone comes together to selflessly help you reach a goal.

Ayden has a runny nose and a cough that gets worse at night, as they typically do, so all of that considered he has been a trooper too. David's mom was SUCH a help with him today. He is so used to having my undivided attention so he had a hard time understanding what was going on. Having extra hands around was wonderful. I also have found yet another reason to love breastfeeding. During all of the hustle and bustle of it all I have really enjoyed getting to sneak away to a quiet room every now and then and get a little break. Tomorrow is our last day of this craziness and then we can catch out breath.

This arrangement we are going into will have it's challenges but my parents have generously opened up their home to us free of cost (though we fully plan to earn our keep in other ways). We will be able to pay off the rest of our debt and save so we can start our next chapter debt free! It is so amazing and liberating to daydream about. If all goes according to plan we will break ground on our forever home on the farm in the Fall. I am also looking forward to spending some quality time with my parents because they are not getting any younger. I hope to have some wonderful conversations, learn more about them and have even more wonderful memories to tuck away for safe keeping.

Even in the midst of the craziness we are having fun, embarking on a journey full of unknowns. It is so atypical for us and that makes it that much more exciting. This was going to be our last night in this house but we decided we should move our bed while we had the Uhaul. We will be spending the night with David's parents tonight, finishing our move tomorrow and then getting settled into our new [temporary] home tomorrow night. We close at 8:15 am on Monday. What a whirlwind!


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  1. Don't worry, your move is just temporary. It'll help you get back on your feet again and it'll give you time to save enough money to buy the house you've always wanted. You’re so lucky to have parents who are willing to take you in. They are really a blessing! By the way, your son looks so adorable! He may not understand everything but eventually, he will.