Saturday, February 16, 2013

Family Circus

We went out to eat for a family dinner tonight and it was a circus to say the least. We had 7 adults and 6 children and I think it would have been smart to think of some sort of seating arrangement before we went in. Either that or just stick to eating in. It turned out great in the end but there were some pretty chaotic moments sprinkled in.  I am sure that some of the folks around us found our circus entertaining and others were perhaps annoyed by all of the antics, but what can ya do?

We don't eat out much, mainly for financial and dietary reasons, but surprisingly Ayden has done great the few times we have done it.  A couple of tips that I have found helpful when dining out with a toddler have been:

1) To keep the child out of the high chair until it is time to eat. David and I usually just pass him back and forth to one another while we wait to order and for the food to come. We bring a few toys or books but he typically finds more interesting things to play with on the table.

2) When everyone is done eating, take the child for a walk. Typically, family friendly restaurants a have pretty interesting decor. Tonight we were at a steak house and there were plenty of animal heads and fish on the walls to point out as well as pictures to look at and saddles to sit on.

This placemat also comes in super handy!
Suction cups right to the table.

I'd love to hear some more tips to add to our collection since we aren't very experienced with dining out with kids. Please share!


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  1. We have the same placemat I bought when I had my first son and held onto for #2, it should be making an appearance later this year :) That really is one of the best inventions ever for dining with little ones!

    Oh and If we thought our son would be a handful at dinner we would be sure to sit him between us so it was two against one :)

    Sounds like you already have it mastered though, kids will be kids. Just roll with it.