Friday, February 22, 2013

What's Up, Doc?

Nothing too exciting happened today...

We snuggled in bed for a while before getting up. We had breakfast. I took a shower and got ready while Ayden read his books and emptied out a couple of bathroom drawers. We had lunch and then headed into town.

Ayden napped while I got a new driver's license, changed my address for my voting registration and registered David and myself in a Beekeeping For Beginners class that is tomorrow.

On our way home we stopped in a local Five and Dime store. We looked at the fish and took home a pack of farm animal souvenirs. My dad used to take me to the exact store when I was little to look at the fish/animals, and to get candy and little trinkets. It was fun to take Ayden in and reminisce.

The horse is his favorite
One of my most memorable lessons that my dad taught me had to do with this store. He let me get a pack of those wax, juice filled bottles (YUCK!) and I opened them while we were still browsing.  We checked out and were almost home when my dad realized that we walked out without paying for them. He turned the truck around and took me in and had me politely explain what had happened, apologize and pay for the candy.  I have always valued that lesson and it has always stuck with me.  I wonder what kind of lessons will remain vivd/valuable for Ayden when he looks back on everything we teach him...

When we got home I prepped some snack food for the upcoming week and got some kale dehydrating.
They take 12 hours to dehydrate... CRAZY!
We had a dinner that was my own creation.  I am really starting to enjoy experimenting with ingredients and have been pleased with what I have come up with so far.  We are waiting for the day when we take a taste and want to spit it out! :)

My little helper
"What's up, Doc?"
And we ended the evening with a family walk, kitchen clean up, putting Ayden to bed, and now we are going to watch a movie.

KY sunsets are beautiful!

I am soooo excited for our beekeeping class tomorrow.  Ayden is going to stay home with my folks and David and I are going to make it a fun little date.  I am hoping that the bees, though we probably won't start them until next year, will be my baby.  Or babIES I suppose!


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