Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fresh Air!

Today we had a little taste of Spring in The Bluegrass. The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze and it was warm enough to take a walk without our coats.  Ayden had a clingy, fussy morning  (teething a molar we believe? Awesome...) so it was nice for both of us to get out into the fresh air.  It is amazing how a walk has always been just the ticket for resetting both of our moods.  He was in a much better mood for the remainder of the day after he woke up from a long afternoon nap.

I spent most of the day unpacking more boxes and bags and actually got our basement space feeling more like a home than a storage room. There is a pool table in the main area of the basement and until today it was piled high with all kinds of stuff. By the time David got home it was clear enough to play a game of pool on. I'd say that progress was a good exchange for my not changing out of my PJs today :).
Moving tip:
Use liquor store boxes for transporting bottles
of oil, vinegar and other cooking liquids.
I also tried a new chili recipe for dinner that ended up being delicious (just substitute diced diakon radish for the beans to make it Paleo friendly if you are interested).  I think adding cinnamon to chili adds so much depth to the flavor. The recipe made a lot so we kept the leftovers warm on the stove and it will be a nice surprise for my mom when she gets home from work tonight.

I am working on putting together a few photo/video montage DVDs for an old co-worker so after dinner, I worked on those while David and Ayden had their boy time. We've been gradually making Ayden's bed time earlier so we can get him back on a schedule that we like.  During the packing and moving whirlwind we had to fly by the seats of our pants and any routine went out the window. Around 8:00 is an ideal bedtime for him because it allows time for us each to tackle a couple of individual projects, as well as have some alone time together.

What is your favorite chili recipe? Share a link in the comments below!


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