Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hello, Little Cousin!

We made the road trip to DC to meet the newest member of the family today!

Nursing, fill up and potty break around 5 am
We were on the road by 3 am and this was the best road trip yet for Ayden. He slept the first 5 hours and the last hour and a half of the 9 hour drive. While he was awake I just kept handing him books and toys that he hadn't seen in a while (or had never seen before at all) and he kept himself occupied. As much as it pains me for my baby to grow up so fast, I have to admit that his increasing independence is vey refreshing.

Books, books, books
Though the car ride was better for Ayden, and therefore us, David and I were exhausted when we arrived around 1 pm. Of the two scenarios I think this experience still wins out over us making it a day trip where he is awake for most of it. Being tired is a good trade for a peaceful road trip in my book!

We did hit a pretty bad snow storm around the West Virginia/Maryland border and had a pretty scary moment that left us sitting perpendicular to oncoming traffic.  David stayed calm, regained control of the car, and got us straightened out before anything bad happened.  It scared me a lot and when I looked out my passenger side window to see cars coming our way, all I could think of was Ayden and how helpless I was in that moment. We are so lucky that everyone behind us were being cautious and leaving a lot of room for things like that to happen.

We finally made it, safe and sound, and got to meet Ayden's first little cousin.  It was nice seeing David experience what I have when I met each of my sisters' babies.  Somehow blood relation creates a special bond that strong and hard to describe.  

Ayden didn't really pay much attention to his new little cousin.  He patted him once by the end of the night but other than that he didn't really pay him much attention, even when I was holding him.

Reading him one of his favorite books
We will be in DC until Wednesday so more family fun will be had tomorrow!


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