Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Paleo Chocolate Cake Win!

I have to admit, I had my doubts. Paleo is a super healthy lifestyle and cake doesn't really fit that bill. Could a Paleo cake really be good??

I made my first practice cake last night and it was delicious!! David and I scarfed down our "test" pieces last night because we hadn't had anything that sweet, moist and chocolatey in a long time. Well, I scarfed mine down while David slowly savored his.

The only sweetener was 100% pure maple syrup and it was just as satisfying for my sweet tooth as any conventional sweet treat would have been. Who says anyone on the Paleo diet is deprived?!? You just have to be willing to become very good friends with Google and be brave enough to give it all a chance.

We used the chocolate bacon ganache frosting recipe and, while it tasted heavenly, it wasn't the best spreading consistency and the finished product wasn't super pretty either. I think I'll make another next week and give the honey coconut frosting a try. My online buddy and Paleo pal, Jenney, said the honey coconut frosting was a hit when she used this cake recipe recently so maybe we'll like that better.

Now that we've found a great cake recipe I feel so relieved. I had no idea how much making our little boy an actual GOOD cake on his birthday meant to me. I am so glad we can continue with tradition yet still only put awesome, high quality fuel in his little body. We are in no rush to introduce him to the beast that is sugar addiction and this cake will be more than a perfect compromise!

I am so excited that the world of baking has opened back up for me. I even have a couple of sweet treats planned for Christmas and New Years. Now that we are eating eggs again we will no longer be on the sidelines during dessert time at a party and this makes my sweet tooth very happy!

Now I shall leave you with a cute clip of Ayden from today. Lets just say that I have a feeling we'll be fishing valuables out of the toilet and trash in our near future...


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  1. That looks delish. Have you come across delightedmomma.com it has some really nice looking paleo recipes?