Sunday, December 30, 2012

Date Night

I am so glad that, despite his nasty cold, Ayden had a great night last night! I propped him up with the Boppy Pillow all night and I think that helped him breathe more clearly. I woke today feeling more rested than I have in a while and I'm sure that can only help both of us fight whatever germs have invaded us.

David made us a delicious breakfast and then we got ready for our first paying, non-family photo shoot!

David's parents came to play with Ayden and he did great the whole time we were away.  He was down for his morning nap when we left and back down for his afternoon nap when we returned.  The best part?  He saved his daily poopy diaper for them so we did not have to change one today, haha.  No, the best part was that he got to have fun and bond with his grandparents who love him very much. You don't need much else in your life when you are surrounded by love and our boy has plenty of that!

David and I have been wanting to go to the movies and since we used our available free baby sitters during our photo shoot today, we just took Ayden with us.

During previews
(Look at my new hairs!  Grow baby hairs, grow!!)
He may not sleep all night long on his own but he sure will fall asleep anywhere we are and this enables us to enjoy a lot of things that the parents of young children typically have to miss out on.  If we are at a holiday party or friends house, or a movie, we just change him into his nighttime diaper and PJs and he parties with us until he's sleepy and then goes to sleep.

He is even getting to where he does not need to be nursed to sleep.  The past few nights he has taken his fill of milk and then just snuggled in while he fell asleep and then tonight David was holding him during the movie and I gently tickled his hair and stroked his face and he fell right to sleep.  We were able to have our date night with our baby there, not too shabby.

Headed home.
We try not to do it too often.  Ayden didn't cry or fuss a single time so it couldn't have been too bad for him but we still think that routine, predictability and comfort are important for bed time.  We are just happy that we ended up with a baby who can go with the flow when we need him to so that we can still have a little fun now and again.  It is about the family unit after all, not just our baby.

As for a cold update, Ayden still has a horribly runny nose that he HATES for us to wipe and developed a cough today.  He also still feels a little warm to me though the thermometer is reading that his temp is normal.  His appetite seemed back up at dinner tonight, though, and David's mom said he drank a lot of water while we were away so we are monitoring him and trusting that his body knows what to do!  I had a horrible coughing fit this morning but it must have done its job because I've been better ever since with just a small cough here and there.  I think we are both on the mend.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and we have a party to prepare for!  Always love bringing in the New Year with family and friends.


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