Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mama Knows Her Baby

Last night was rough! Ayden woke up with a fever this morning and in hindsight I knew it was coming. Ayden was fussy yesterday and when I'd hold him I kept thinking he felt warm. Every time we took his temp, though, it would read somewhere around 98* which is normal. We chocked it up to the over-stimulating hustle and bustle of the holidays along with teething.

The beauty of this is that as Ayden's mommy, I could sense his impending fever before the thermometer did. The sad part is that I didn't trust my gut and instead relied on the thermometer to guide me. My lesson learned? If I keep wanting to check his temp, he's probably going to end up with a fever at some point...

Poor, feverish baby :(
The house had plenty to do after all of yesterday's festivities but it all just had to wait because my little boy needed mommy snuggles today. His fever didn't go above 100.1* and they say 100.4 is when it turns into a *real* fever but it's making him feel pretty crumby just the same. He took 4 naps today and boy, was he fussy. Right after a nap he'd feel rejuvenated and play for a bit but after about a half an hour or so he'd be fussy and clingy again.

New books between naps.  We stayed in our PJs today.
He also had a bit of a clear runny nose and a little cough. We believe in letting fevers 102* or below run their course for at least 24 hours so we took a wait and see approach and by the end of the day, tooth #7 had made its appearance. I am just so glad all of this waited until after Christmas to hit full force and glad that it is the middle of the week so we would have been able to get to the doctor tomorrow if we had needed to.

Here is a clip of him trying to be himself despite feeling crumby, clapping and crying at the same time:

Our little man still wasn't himself by bedtime so we aren't sure if the 8th tooth is following right behind or not. He has gotten all of his other teeth in pairs within 2 days of each other so we might have another day or two of this discomfort to endure. I guess this experience has taught us that his teething necklace really did make a difference. I had gotten lazy about keeping it on him and this teething experience has been the worst by far! Needless to say, it is back on and I will be much better about keeping it on! I'm just glad that our Christmas Day wasn't like today! I've got our homeopathic teething gel/tablets at the ready for what will probably be a long night...


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  1. Aw that video was so sad! Poor little guy. And you are right, Mommy instincts always trump everything! :)
    After my son's 2nd birthday a few years back he was very fussy after everyone left, I gave him a hug and he felt so warm I knew he had a temp. my mother insisted it was just because of the party- nope, hand foot mouth! It was an awful week after that :( And I caught it too. Awful awful stuff!

    Anyways, I'd love to hear more about these teething necklaces, I've heard of them but I've been a bit scared because well, it's a necklace! :)