Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let the Winter Holidays Begin!

We are home safe and sound and had a great weekend!  I am so glad that travels will be put on hold for a while now.  We don't have anything else away from home planned until we go to DC in early February when we get to meet our new nephew.  Traveling is so great but staying home is great too, especially when all family tasks and activities are done on the weekends.

The only decorations we have up for Christmas so far are the wreaths on our front door (one outside and one inside) and a couple of hand towels.  I usually like to decorate as soon as possible after Thanksgiving then leave them up through New Year's to maximize enjoyment time; but as per usual these days, we've been hyper-scheduling ourselves which leads to a neglected household.  I suppose I'll spend most of the day decorating tomorrow and maybe we'll get to the tree tomorrow night.

Reading all about Christmas! :)
Ayden was a champ again in the car for the 2.5 hour drive home from my cousin's baby shower (she loved the home made blocks by the way!).  I don't know if he is just growing up thus getting better in the car, or if we have just become master planners who time all car rides perfectly with nap times.  Something tells me it's a small mixture of both but more the former.  Ayden was the life of the shower!  Most people were commenting on how he looks just like David, how long his eye lashes were, how well he's getting around for his age, how happy he always seems and how small he is.  One woman, though, gave us a big warning about how we are "in the quiet before the storm" and how in a few months he'll be a terror as all babies are.  She could very well be right but we smiled sweetly and said that we definitely had plenty of rough times early on in his little life and that we are hoping that we paid our dues.  Well, most of them at least!  Only time will tell I suppose.

"You mean I might not always be an angel?"
It was interesting being at her baby shower seeing them open all of their tiny baby things and day dreaming together about their life with a baby.  As I have said before, being pregnant with your first is such a magical time full of possibilities, devoid of harsh realities.  I was glad David was there so we could reminisce about that time.  I am so glad that we took full advantage and really enjoyed every moment of our pregnancy and last few months as a couple.  We don't even fully remember what our life was like before Ayden, nor do we want it back, but we do remember that it was a great chapter of our lives as well.  We gave them the best advice we could and let them know that we would be eager to offer any support that they may need.

Ayden has been practicing his walking like CRAZY after spending a couple of days with his new friend in Ohio. The best part is that he loves it and gets so proud of himself!  He usually does better if he's holding something which I noticed was a trend with our nephews and niece. I tried to capture his progress on video but he's too quick for me.  I shall catch it soon and share as soon as he cooperates :).


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