Friday, December 7, 2012

Change of Plans

I had big plans for today. I wanted to get up, get moving and knock out a slew of to do's (usual daily tasks, non-tree decorations, meal planning/grocery shopping, bring 12 month clothing bins from my sister in from my car, etc) but Ayden had other plans.

Morning walk in the rain, before he fell to pieces.
He was very fussy, clingy and out of sorts for most of the day. He fought every diaper change, face wipe and carseat/stroller strapping. If I was 100% focused on him he was happy and okay but he was not in the mood for my attention to be elsewhere.  There were a couple of times when he decided to play independently but chose activities that I couldn't allow, attempting to eat dog food for instance, and would melt down when I would redirect him.  Teething?  Feeling under the weather?  There has to be a reason but I couldn't find it.

"You mean I can't eat the dog food?"
Needless to say, this mama was TIRED by the end of the day. I meal planned while putting him down for his morning nap, which he also resisted (though it was with giggles and cuteness, rather than crying so I'll take it), and did make it to the grocery. Other than that I had nothing to show for the day.

All I can say is anyone who asks, "what do you do all day?" needs to stand in on a day like today. It was a rare day that when David got home I was eager to pass Ayden off and take a few minutes for myself to de-stress and regroup.

After all of today's craziness Ayden still won me over time and time again. The magic a child holds over those who know and love them is amazing. One minute I'll be closing my eyes and taking a breath to keep patience and perspective. The next minute I'll be hugging him so tight and telling him he is the best little boy in the world while feeling overwhelming amounts of love.

The cliche is so true, being a parent is the most difficult yet most awesome and rewarding thing you will ever do.

I am glad that tomorrow is a new day and I plan to make it wonderful!


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  1. It might just be the weather! All the kiddos at school were crazy! (not just mine!) remember how a front would come through and it would just mess with everyone? I feel like as adults we are more used to the pressure systems coming through, but kiddos, not so much!